Anna Pippus

Anna Pippus

Anna is a Vancouver-based animal rights lawyer, strategist, and activist. Trained at the University of Toronto, she serves as the Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy at Animal Justice and as Strategic Advisor for We Animals. As someone who strongly believes that animals are in crisis today, Anna has dedicated her life to doing everything she can to alleviate their suffering, which means working for their freedom.

Anna is a prolific writer, having published dozens of pieces about farmed animals on the Huffington Post and HuffPost Canada. Her advocacy has been featured in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, CBC, CTV National, Global, and many others. She regularly speaks on the topic of farmed animal law, policy, and advocacy, including at bar associations, universities, conferences, and festivals. She has testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Animal Agriculture. Anna’s efforts have contributed to groundbreaking animal cruelty charges and raids, policy reform, and individual behaviour changes that benefit animals. Anna is a true powerhouse for animal activism!

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