Margaret Robinson

Margaret Robinson

 A rising academic star, Dr. Robinson is a professor of Indigenous Studies at Dalhousie University. She is a bisexual and two-spirit scholar from Eski’kewaq, Nova Scotia, and a member of the Lennox Island First Nation. Her research focuses on social justice, gender, sexuality, and food movements.

A prolific scholar, Dr. Robinson draws from Indigenous traditions and eco-feminism to advocate for Indigenous veganism. She frames veganism as “a spiritual practice that recognizes humans and other animals as having a shared personhood.” Her articles include: “Veganism and Mi’kmaq legends” (Canadian Journal of Native Studies), “Animal Personhood in Mi’kmaq Perspective” (Societies), and “Animals in Indigenous Spiritualities” (Journal of Indigenous Social Development).

Check out Dr. Robinson’s excellent talk, “Indigenous Veganism: Feminist Natives Do Eat Tofu”:



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