The Good Place: Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

 Message from The Good Place: Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

The Good Place: Farm Rescue & Sanctuary is located 25 minutes east of Winnipeg in the community of Ste. Genevieve, MB. Here you will find a safe haven for all species, a place where like minded people gather with a common goal of making the world a more compassionate place.

Jen began saving horses in 2017, and realized the hypocrisy in saving one species while ignoring the barbaric treatment of others. As her doors began to open to other species, so did her heart. Falling in love with a “dairy bi-product”, finding friendship in feathery throwaways and gaining the trust of terrified eyes hiding behind the wool, forever changed her perspective and her view on the world. It became her mission to advocate against the mistreatment of ALL farmed animals.

Although horse rescue is the largest part of what we do, we use our platform to spread a message. A message to create a world where all species are loved, respected and can live free from fear. Working together with our network of Manitoba Sanctuaries we have been able to accomplish great things.

Last year we offered a second chance to 187 horses along with thousands of “spent” laying hens. We provided sanctuary to several senior horses, four pigs, two steers, six sheep, three goats, two turkeys, four ducks, one guinea hen, a charismatic goose and over fifty chickens.

Education is key to change but there is nothing quite like meeting the animals face to face. Many people come to see the horses and fall in love with Franklin-our Holstein Steer, or Chuck the Goose. We are so proud to watch compassion for one species flourish into so much more. We spread facts and truth, to expose industries that try so hard to hide just that.

We are operated with the help of many incredible volunteers and are all avid vegan foodies. We honoured to be apart of Le Vegan Week are so excited to try all of the incredible, cruelty-free dishes these restaurants have to offer!


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